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Alzheimer and Dementia Live In Care | Find Live-in care

Alzheimer's and Dementia live-in care is a specialised service that differs from traditional live-in care because the needs of elderly with Alzheimer's and Dementia are different. The care plan is offered to you or your loved ones keeping in mind the distinct challenges of the disease and individual care needs.
We at Find Live-in care ensure that the services are offered by uniquely qualified and well-trained carers and provided at the comforts of your loved one’s home.
At Find Live-in care, we believe that by creating awareness of the disease and alleviating the stigma associated with the disease, the individuals can live a lifestyle of their choice that is both fulfilling and enjoyable.
The challenges faced in finding skilled Alzheimer's and Dementia carers can be managed efficiently by us. We at Find Live-in care will ensure you get the best carer, trained, and experienced in handling Alzheimer's and Dementia patients from one of the best local care providers.

Find Live-in care
Dementia Live-in care offers the following benefits:

✔ Live-In Care helps elderly to live in comforts of their own homes. They can choose to live in their home, as long as required. The idea of moving your loved one to a care home can be daunting. The process tends to be tedious to individuals with Alzheimer's and Dementia and their dear ones.
✔ Live-in Care ensures elderly receive treatment in familiar environment. Doctors strongly believe that the condition of Alzheimer's and dementia patients deteriorate at a slower pace when they are in known environment. It offers them peace of mind and security, both emotionally and physically. Conversely, live-in-care has the services required to assist your loved ones. It helps them relive old memories, and even create new ones with the rest of their family.
✔ Live-In care helps elderly to continue their daily routines. Most of the time, the elderly follow a steady routine all their lives. Breaking this routine does more harm than good. When a person is allowed to carry out their routine activities without much distraction - it reduces confusion and anxiety. Find Live-In care services are often modified to fit within their traditional routine. It could be personal tasks or daily routines - the live-in care services are tailor-made to provide personalised assistance - a fundamental norm always followed by live-in care support. In the long term, this helps your loved ones to regain their confidence and control over life. It helps them realize the purpose of events that happen around them. Achieving these changes will be difficult, or rather impossible without our specialised support and experts like us.

Find Live-in care
Common services covered by Find Live-In care:

The family members after a preliminary diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in their loved ones will have crucial decisions to make. All of these decisions must take into consideration the emotional and physical needs of your loved one. When the dear one is located far away from you, the situation can become much more difficult. This is when Find-live-in-care becomes extremely useful. Alzheimer's and Dementia live-in care services cater to specific requirements of elderly depending on the stage of the mental illness and symptoms. Find Live-in care services to suit various stages of the advancement of the disease your loved one is experiencing. The services include:
✔ Showering or bathing
✔ Household duties
✔ Food preparation and supervision of eating
✔ Aid in grooming and dressing
✔ Care of incontinence problems
✔ Palliative care
✔ Carer concern and aid

Find Live-in care

We at Find Live-in care have researched extensively to find the best quality local providers and have associated ourselves with them, who provide round the clock Live-in care support. We assure you that your dear one can remain safe and secure in the comfort of their home.
We also provide tailor-made one-on-one assistance 24/7 with daily activities like:
✔ Personal care assistance
✔ Administration/supervision of Medication
✔ Providing Companionship
✔ Domestic aid
✔ Help for purchases and errands
✔ Providing mental exercises
✔ Involving in social activities

Find Live-in care
Specialised Training in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Find-Live-In-Care ensures that all its carers have acquired specialised training in Alzheimer's and Dementia care. specialised training for these carers includes:
• Safety training: Patients with this mental illness are known for wandering away. It is important to keep them calm, composed, and in a safe ambiance. Trained live-in carers plan wander and fall risk management lessons for service users. They are trained to evaluate the safety needs of service users. Formal and informal carers render high levels of supervision and assistance.
• Communication: The carer is trained to interact and connect effectively with the service users.
• Activity: The carer is trained to build activities that would help your loved stay engaged. The activities need to break bigger tasks into smaller tasks that are achieved during activity management.

When it comes to Alzheimer’s or Dementia care, Find Live-In care provides customized care to your loved ones and your family. We are highly flexible as we are aware of the progressive nature of the illness.

Your peace mind is important to us when your dear one is diagnosed with the illness. Choosing the right care will certainly have a long-term impact.

For more details and real-time experience on how Find Live-in care works - choose the Find-Live-in care trial packages.