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Long Term Live-In Care | Find Live-in care

Everyone deserves comfort, care and assurance in old age. At Find Live in Care we are committed to making this a reality for your loved ones. We connect you with long-term live-in care providers that are experienced and compassionate, offering custom-built services to match your individual needs. By developing bespoke support plans, our providers suit everyone. Here are some examples of the services we can arrange for you:
• Alzheimer’s Care
• Companion Care
• Dehydration Prevention Care
• Dementia Care
• End-of-Life Care
• Fall Prevention Care
• Heart Disease / Stroke Care
• Hospice In-Home Care
• Hospital Discharge Safely Care
• Palliative Care
• Parkinson’s Disease Care

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Find Live-in care
Understanding long-term care

Long-term care is designed to help people meet all of their daily needs when they no longer can independently due to age, illness, or disability.

People of all ages require long-term care but day-to-day activities often become harder as people age. It may be difficult to wash, get dressed and prepare meals, making personal care necessary.

Long-term care may be temporary, for example as part of post-hospital rehabilitation or recovery after a serious injury or illness.
But for many, permanent long-term care is needed. This could be due to a permanent disability or chronic condition that makes independent living challenging.

Find Live-in care
The reality of nursing homes:

Making the transition to a nursing home can be difficult for many elderly people. The atmosphere may be cold and sterile, causing them to feel alienated and uncomfortable.
Privacy is not always guaranteed, making it hard to establish a homely and personal space of your own. Visiting times can be limited, leaving service users lonely and depressed.
One-on-one care is rarely available even if the nursing home is sufficiently staffed. This creates an environment of antagonism and mistrust as residents must compete with one another to gain carers’ limited attention.
All these features leave nursing home residents at an increased risk of neglect. This is especially the case for those suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia that limit communication. It’s hard enough trying to get the care you need, let alone when you’re fighting to have your voice heard.
In extreme cases, residents are vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment.

Find Live-in care
The alternative:

At Find Live in Care, the story is entirely different. We are connected to a team of long-term care specialists willing and able to design customised and individualised plans to help you and your loved ones. We aim to provide your loved ones with all the non-medical support that they need to thrive in old age. Our support ranges from assistance with basic tasks like medication management and meal preparation, to help with shopping and errands, escorts to doctor’s appointments, and, crucially, providing opportunities for social engagements.

We will coordinate with medical providers to devise appropriate arrangements regardless of stage or condition. Our long-term care is available throughout the ageing process, including at the end of life. We realise that it is not enough to simply keep people alive. We want our service users to feel happy and fulfilled too. These are the benefits of getting long term live-in care that you wouldn’t find at a nursing home.

Find Live-in care
What makes us different

The relationship between client and carer is critical to any successful long-term care programme. Therefore, we try to provide you with the best-quality carers we can, taking a careful and thoughtful approach to our recruitment. All live-in carers by our selected providers are subject to strict screening, including DBS and reference checks, and provided with ongoing opportunities for training and professional growth. Once we have found the matching team for your loved ones and devised a personal plan, we will endeavour to provide the highest-quality care available. This means that we will communicate professionally with your loved one’s medical providers to make sure that they receive relevant medical support. We care about the quality of our care and so you will also receive visits from field supervisors to verify that carers are following our strict quality standards. Rest assured that you will play an active part in your loved one’s care. We want to make sure that our teams are adapting to their client’s needs. This is why we aim for regular interaction between our dedicated service team, live-in care staff, family members, and field supervisors.

Find Live-in care
Helping you make the right choices

Deciding what kind of care you want for your loved ones is no easy decision. We recognise that any long-term care programme comes with challenges. It’s for this reason that we encourage you to try Find Live in Care. For all the reasons listed above, live-in care can be an excellent alternative to a care facility. Because we value your unique needs and choices, Find Live in Care represents a rare opportunity to give your loved ones the life that they deserve in old age. We don’t hold you to any commitments or long-term contracts because we understand the importance of this decision. So why not try us? You have only to gain!

Please feel free to give us a no obligation call on 0345-512-0075 to discuss your care needs or email us on and we will be happy to help. Get in touch with us