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Respite Live-in Care | Find Live-in care

Looking after someone you love, either as a full-time or part-time carer, brings with it a whole range of challenges, some practical and emotional.
Often the biggest challenge is the conflict within the carer themselves of how to reconcile meeting their own needs, with the needs of the person they are looking after.

Being able to provide care to someone in their own home has a huge number of advantages for that person.
They are able to live in familiar surroundings, maybe have family and friends to visit or stay, possibly have pets, and most of all, retain some degree of independence.
Most of these things, a carer will recognise, appreciate and want to encourage. Where it becomes more difficult, is often around the practicalities of how the carer manages their own life.
Being a carer can be quite an isolated position to be in, and having practical respite care can often make a world of difference. What is critical is finding the right respite provider.

Find Live-in care
Live in care services

The nature of the services will vary, depending upon the person being cared for, but generally tend to include the following:
- Some level of companionship, and generally making sure the person is well looked after.
- Some level of personal care.
- Light housework, cooking, doing laundry and probably some shopping as well.
- Checking on things like hospital and doctor’s appointments, making sure they are kept.
- Overseeing and possibly administering any medication needed.
- Contacting district nurses if needed.
- Helping to promote as much independence as possible within the home.
- Possibly some driving, or arranging trips outside the home if practical.
- Helping with hobbies and other activities.
These and possibly more are some of the things a carer helps with on a daily basis, all of which generate quite a high degree of responsiblity for the person they are caring for.

Benefits of respite live in care

It is critical for the well-being of the carer, and the person they are looking after, that the carer has time off. This may be a having a couple of days off or weekends off.
However sensible this advice may be, carers are often reluctant to take time off and feel a degree of guilt if they do. This is why it is crutial to find the right respite care provider.
The main benefit of respite care is that someone can come in and take over the duty that the carer does, for any specific length of time.
This not only gives the carer a real break, but often helps the person being looked after as well. They are often aware of the stress that their situation puts on the carer, and welcome the fact that they are getting a break.
It is worth making the comparison with the advice given on airlines, about someone putting on their own oxygen mask first before they start to help other people.
It is not selfish to pay attention to your own needs, not least of all because it allows you to look after other people more effectively.

In order for respite care to work effectively, the carer must have trust that the person coming in to provide care can do so in a safe and effective way. Without this level of trust, the carer is likely to be reluctant to allow anyone else to take over. We work with local care providers, who can provide live-in care services, in order to develop relationship with carers that allow this trust to develop.

We will make sure that anyone providing respite live in care has all the necessary professional and personal qualities needed to work effectively. This can include things such as:
- Making sure the respite carer has an up-to-date DBS check.
- All mandatory training is up to date - first aid, manual handling, medication, safeguarding of adults.
- Atleast two, ideally three current references.
- A significant level of experience in providing respite live-in care.
- Ideally, an opportunity for the regular carer to meet with the respite carer before commencing work.

We handpick providers to make sure that they are of the highest quality and are able to provide the care that is needed, when it is needed most.

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