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Live-in care for personal care | Find Live-in care

If you are in need of personal care, there are several options available to you. Live in care is a popular option for many people, as it gives them access to a high level of personalised care, while enabling them to stay in their own homes. Having a live-in carer may seem like a daunting prospect to arrange. That's why we search through a range of live in care providers so that you can find the one that's right for you.

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What is live-in personal care?

Personal care is support that can help elderly or less-able people perform daily tasks, such as washing and bathing, visiting the toilet and cooking meals.

Live-in means that a carer - or carers - will move into your home, or stay overnight to assist you with your day-to-day living. There are many benefits of live-in care for personal care, the main one being that it enables you to stay within the comfort of your own homes as you age.

It's therefore a great alternative to moving into a care home.

Find Live-in care
Overcoming difficulties

It can be extremely difficult when you start to become unable to complete certain tasks on your own. Perhaps it has been down to a recent injury, or perhaps it's just due to the natural ageing process, but, as we age, it becomes increasingly common to need some form of help. Live-in care is perhaps the most specialised form of elderly care you can choose, and requires a highly empathetic care approach that is built around trust.

Trust is imperative in a live-in care setting. Having another adult residing in your home takes a great deal of trust and therefore taking the time and care to find the right person is vital. Our live-in care providers have been fully vetted and have multiple recommendations for providing high quality care - so that you can be assured that you or your family member is in the best hands.

What tasks are included with live-in care?

Live-in care includes practically anything you would usually do on your own throughout your day. The services we can arrange for you as part of a live in care package include the below:

This is a critical component of a live-in care package. Toileting assistance can vary from simply helping an elderly person use the bathroom, or can involve full help with the process. Live-in carers are fully aware of how personal a need this is, and are trained to assist people with the highest level of dignity and empathy.

Having a sleeping carer available to look after your loved one can provide peace of mind if you have recently noticed that your loved one is now struggling to take care of themselves during the night, or if you have been attending to these needs yourself.

Dressing and undressing is an essential part of any daily routine, but can become increasingly difficult for elderly or disabled people. Live-in Carers can help with morning routines and with getting ready for bed, to prevent safety hazards and avoid difficulties.

Live-in carers are also trained to help their patients with all sorts of grooming needs. People often take great pride in their appearance, and this can severely impact a person if they are unable to perform the grooming tasks they once enjoyed. Live-in carers can help with tasks such as applying make-up, brushing hair and shaving - so that you can feel good about yourself again.

It is imperative to maintain personal hygiene and age doesn't need to be a barrier to that. Washing and bathing are everyday tasks that is included in all personal care packages, with the tasks of a carer ranging from supervision in a shower or bath to helping with sponging and soap application. Live-in carers will also help with other personal tasks, such as teeth brushing, applying creams and face washing.

Mobility is important to maintain a sense of well-being and fulfilment. A live-in carer's duties therefore do not stop at home; they will also be on hand to help with getting out of the house. Whether it's a visit to the local shops, engaging in light exercise or having a day out to the beach, a live-in carer can help to provide the support needed to make it happen.

The personal carer also helps with mobility inside the home. Tasks such as getting in and out of bed, and moving from room to room, can become difficult as we age. A carer will ensure that you can continue to use your house efficiently without the risk of accidents or injuries.

Opting for live-in, full-time care has many benefits, and can be the right option for many to enable them to enjoy their retirement. For those that want to maintain a sense of independence and privacy, it can be more suitable than moving into a care home. Arranging live-in care may seem daunting, but there are often no minimum commitments, meaning that you can try it out and change it at any time if you feel there is a more appropriate care option for you. Have a browse through our trusted and experienced live-in care providers to find the ideal solution for you.

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